Pyragranite sinks

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Composition - colors

Pyragranite sinks consist of 80% natural quartz (silica), while the remaining 20% of the mixture consists of resins and enhancing substances. You can find the PYRAMIS Pyragranite Sinks in 6 different colors: Snow, Graphite Carbon, Dark Beige, Ivory, Iron Grey & Industrial Grey

  • Accessories

    Steel colanders, wooden and glass chopping boards, soap dispensers and colanders will make your daily work in the kitchen easier.

  • Safety

    All Pyragranite sinks have overflow to protect from water flooding. The overflow can be either in the bowl or on the drainer of the sink.

  • Surface

    The surface of Pyragranite Sinks is homogenus, witout pores ensuring preventing bacteria accumulation that cause mold, stains and odors in your sink.

  • Properties

    Pyragranite sinks do not discolor even if they come in contact with domestic cleaning kitchen products. They show high heat resistance (200°C), impact resistance and durability.

  • Certifications

    The strict quality controls carried out by PYRAMIS reassure that the sinks comply with the most demanding quality standards in regards with their durability and hygiene.

Flexibility in design

PYRAMIS sinks are offered in a huge variety of designs, dimensions and types. Choose among large or small bowls, single or double bowls, with or without drainage space, with vertical lines or rounded design. Choose the sink that best meets your needs and fits harmoniously into your space.