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PYRAMIS cookerhoods guarantee a space free from odors and vapors. They work quietly but efficiently and only keep the aroma of your food on your plate and not throughout your house.

  • Device contro

    Touch control, functional push, sliding or electronic buttons, ensure ease of use and excellent aesthetics.

  • Carbon filters

    Carbon filters recirculate the purified air back to your kitchen. They cannot be cleaned or repaired; they can only be replaced when necessary. Their saturation depends on the level and time of use, type of cooking and the frequency that the metal filters are cleaned.

  • Metallic filters

    They protect the inner parts of the cookerhood by preventing the absorbed grease and fumes from harming the fan or the motor and add to the aesthetics of the cooker hood. They are easy to remove and can be washed by hand, or in the dishwasher.

  • Lighting

    The use of LED lighting ensures efficient & constant light flow, longer life cycle and energy saving.

  • Materials

    PYRAMIS hoods are offered in a variety of materials, colors and combinations so that they can match your kitchen in style and functionality. Glass, stainless steel or painted surfaces are only some of the options and their combinations which you can choose from.

Installation for maximum performance

Did you know that if the cooker hood is fitted with an outlet pipe of more than 6 meters and 3 angles of 90°, its output is reduced by 50%? By following the above simple tips, you ensure the cookerhood’s maximum performance by installing it correctly!
  • The right cookerhood for your kitchen

    Calculate the volume of the room in cubic meters and then we multiply it by 12. (An effective cooker hood refreshes air in the kitchen 12 times per hour). For example, the recommended cookerhood for a kitchen of 6 x 3 x 2,5m (45m³) should have extraction capacity at least 540m³/h (12 x 45m³ = 540m³).

  • Low noise level

    PYRAMIS cookerhoods keep the noise levels low, creating ideal home conditions. Noise level is measured in dB and PYRAMIS.

  • Cookerhood functions

    Α. Air extraction: Metal filters withhold airborne grease and channel the filtered air outside through the ducting pipe. B. Recirculating: The absorbed air is filtered through activated charcoal filters that withhold odors, channeling the purified air back to the room.