PYRAMIS hobs offer a truly enhanced cooking experience. Their sophisticated design and smart functions make meal preparation a real pleasure. Discover them in a multitude of colors, designs and types.

Hob profiles

Inox framed, frameless or beveled hobs that contribute to the style and determine the aesthetics of your kitchen.
  • Safety lock

    All hob fuctions can be locked to prevent accidental activation or child intervention.

  • Technology

    The induction hob is based on the natural phenomenon of induction, which converts electromagnetic energy into heat. When an electric current is activated, inductors beneath the hob’s surface react when a ferrous pan is situated above. The heat is produced directly οnto the cookware.

  • Time saving and cost effective

    With reduced boiling time up to 50% in comparison to conventional electro-ceramic hobs and you save time and energy.

  • Booster Zone

    Speeds up the cooking time, providind a higher power level for 5 minutes straight.

  • Pause function

    The pause function stops the cooking and continues with the same settings after being re-activated. Simple one-touch control, perfect when cooking needs suddenly to be paused.

  • Induction hobs & cookware

    Use proper cookware with magnetic bottom while operating your induction hob. Check the bottom of your cookware for the induction hob logo.

  • Easier to clean

    Induction hobs are very easy to clean because any food splatters do not burn on to the cool surface and are very easily wiped off.