Kitchen Taps

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Kitchen Taps

Clean lines, geometric shapes or smooth curves. Chrome, stainless steel or granite finish. Functionality, safety, guaranteed quality and high aesthetics. PYRAMIS wide product range can fulfill any individual requirement. PYRAMIS kitchen tap are designed to be functional and are manufactured with certified raw materials and proper treatment for maximum quality and safety. Choose the right kitchen tap for you through a variety of designs and finishes.

  • Cartridge

    Kerox mechanisms, from the leading company in its field, ACS certified, with ceramic discs, and resistance up to 500.000 cycles (ASME A II2 I8 IM, EN 817). New type of cartridge that makes it possible to optimize consumption, avoid useless energy overloads and reduces noise significantly (Sound Free).

  • Aerator

    Air Force aerators with flow limiters, small devices installed to the tap, which, by mixing water with air, allow up to 30% water saving, while obtaining a better flow jet (WRAS certified).

  • Hoses – Components

    Environmental friendly components made of non-toxic material that do not affect the taste or scent of water, with excellent mechanical properties, and certified according to the international quality standards NSF, KTW, DVGW (Scent Free, Taste Free).

Inspired combination

A wide range of different finishes all durable, noncorrosive, and scratch resistant. In addition to a variety of entirely metal finishes, Pyramis offers colored finished taps, all designed to coordinate beautifully with our Pyragranite sinks or PVD Colora sinks range. Our taps have premium finishes which resist dirt, providing low maintenance care with plain houshold cleaning products.
  • Certified Raw Material

    Brass alloy of quality and composition in compliance with the highest international standards, and low lead levels according to the European Directives EN 1982:2000, EN 12165:99 and EN 12164:01 (Lead Approved).

  • Galvanization – Pure Water Process

    An innovative and pioneering galvanization method that prevents the leaching of toxic metals, such as lead and nickel, in drinking water by Pure Water Process (ΕΝ 248).

  • Painting - Chroming

    Epoxy painting, of less than 20 micron thickness and resistance to saline-spray tests of more than 300 hours.