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Solar Systems

PYRAMIS Solar Water Heaters, 100% Greek-originated product, are produced based on the highest quality criteria, meeting strict safety and hygiene standards, accompanied by necessary European certificates (CE, Solar Keymark, ISO, etc.). They come with a 5-year warranty and are available in a variety of models with certified selective collectors.

  • Airflow

    The unique airflow system prevents humidity accumulation inside the panel.

  • Installation Bases

    Special hot galvanized installation base for flat or inclined surfaces, guarantee easy and secure installation.

  • Durability

    Protective glass board of exceptional endurance up to 100+kg.

  • Profile

    Double aluminum profile providing greater mechanical strength and stability to the collector, preventing distortion (<5%).

  • Thermal Insullation

    Zero heat loss with special angles on the collectors, ensuring perfect thermal insulation and top resistance.

  • Triple Energy

    Triple energy models with large enameled surface heat exchanger (coil G 3/4’’) for connection to the central heating for free hot water in winter as well.