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PYRAMIS refrigerators keep not only the freshness of your food but also all its nutrients intact for a longer period of time. They are equipped with optimized features and functions that ensure maximum performance thanks to intelligent temperature and humidity controls, as well as special conditions for different foods in special cases. They have large capacity, silent operation and energy saving. Discover what fits best in the kitchen and on your eating habits through a wide variety of types and dimensions.

  • Inverter Compressor / No-Frost

    Inverter technology improves energy efficiency, combined with Multi-Air ensures an even temperature throughout the cavities.

  • Handle

    Cleverly designed ergonomic handles that elevate the minimal design and facilitate daily use.

  • Fresh converter drawer

    This special independent drawer can be set to a lower temperature level and be used as a chiller to perfectly keep meat or fish, or it can be used as a crisper to store fruit & vegetables.

  • Easy Door Reversibility

    Left or right door-opening conversion is made easy by design to quickly adap to all kitchen layouts.

  • LED Internal Lighting

    Easier on your eyes, and more pleasing. The matte "Sky" anti-glare LED light provides for brighter lighting throughout the entire internal cavity.

  • Soft Touch Digital Display

    A clear, precise and user-friendly interface to set the fridge and freezer temperature separately. Everything is easily under control with the soft touch display.

New energy label

As of 1st March 2021, the new version of the energy-EU label is in effect. In the first phase, it will concern the category of refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, and TVs, while is expected to be extended to other categories in the coming next years. The adjusted energy rating, refers to a more simplified form of scale from A to the G, cancelling the pre-existing scale which included A+ A++ or A+++ ratings. The purpose of this change is the easier access of consumers in energy information, so that they can control electricity consumption, the environmental awareness and the most sustainable consumer choices. At the same time, the electrical appliance industry is being activated for research and development of innovative products less energy consuming and more environmentally friendly. The new energy label has a QR code, which can scan the consumer via smartphone and lead to the European database (EPREL), where he can find additional product information. In this way, the consumer will be able to compare products to find the product that suits better his needs.
  • Crisper with Humidity Control

    The roomy and sturdy crisper compartment is larger than the industry average level and can be slided effortlessly in and out. Furthermore, with the slider above it, you can adjust the humidity level according to the type of food you keep inside it.

  • Shelves & drawers

    Easy to clean glass shelves with a feeling of luxury inside the refrigerator, and transparent shelves and drawers you are always aware of the contents of your refrigerator.

  • No-Fall Freezer Drawers

    The large, steadfast freezer drawers have been designed for easy use, and will remain leveled for safer and more comfortable loading and unloading.