Beautiful moments, unforgettable tastes, favorite smells... PYRAMIS ovens promise unique experiences in the kitchen every day. Cook alone or with your loved ones and enjoy a perfect tasting result, effortlessly and in a minimum of time. Smart functions and excellent quality combined with functional design guarantee it!

  • Soft close

    New, specially designed hinges, softly and quietly close the oven door with a gentle touch, reducing vibrations and noise.

  • Easy to clean

    The enameled cavity of the oven is made of an extremely durable and strong material and provides additional insulation, while it does not absorb grease and food residues, so that they can be easily and effortlessly removed.

  • Anti-spot

    The coating of the external stainless steel surfaces prevents the formation of marks and stains from daily use, keeping them clean for a longer period of time.

  • Cooling system

    The ventilation system cools the oven efficiently, maintaining the appropriate temperature both around the oven (cabinets) and at the front (door), ensuring maximum safety and efficiency.

  • New handles

    High aesthetics, durability and ergonomic design are the key features of the new PYRAMIS oven handles.

  • Digital auto programmer

    Baking becomes a piece of cake even for beginners. Set the desired parameters (on/ off time, temperature, type of food, etc.) and let the oven do the cooking for you. The results will amaze you!

Device control

PYRAMIS ovens have advanced control systems with touch controls and knobs. With ergonomic design and easy handling, the operation of the oven becomes very easy and efficient.
  • Deep tray

    For your every day cooking needs, a deep tray is provided with every PYRAMIS oven.

  • Telescopic rails

    Cooking and supervising your food has never been easier and safer. Just place your tray in the telescopic rails and overlook it during cooking, simply by pulling it in and out.

  • Side racks

    Side racks protect the enameled surface of the oven cavity from scratches, extending its lifetime and at the same time offer you the ability to move your tray inside out of the oven easily and effortlessly.

  • Double removable glass

    The double glass door maintains heat inside the oven, optimizing energy consumption while preserving safety by keep the outer surface of the oven door cool. It is easily detachable for quick and efficient cleaning.

  • Microwave ovens

    PYRAMIS microwave ovens are a smart solution for every kitchen. With a large capacity and automatic functions, they respond quickly and effortlessly to all your needs in the kitchen, whether this is making your coffee, defrosting your lunch or baking your dinner.

  • Energy class

    PYRAMIS ovens are classified in energy class A in accordance with the standards of the European Union, maintaining the power consumption at low levels for more efficient cost saving and environment protecting.