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Pressure Cookers

Never before has a Pressure Cooker been so easy and practical to use. With one touch, cooking becomes simply… fun. The PYRAMIS Pressure Cookers have the latest technology lid, with a soft touch coating, which locks in any position with a single movement, by simply pressing a button. They cook quickly and economically and meet even your most demanding culinary needs!

  • Material

    PYRAMIS Pressure Cookers are made of extra thick stainless steel 18/10 Cr. Ni. (AISI 304) material.

  • Base

    The reinforced capsule base, which accumulates and transfers heat evenly, and faster, saves you time and energy while cooking.

  • Handles

    The knobs and handles are made of soft touch, heat-resistant bakelite for greater comfort.

Four level safety system that ensures proper and safe operation

The pressure adjustment valve that keeps consistent pressure inside the kettle during operation (A). The pressure safety lock, which keeps the lid locked for as long as there is pressure inside the cooker (Β). The safety valve, which opens in case the pressure valve becomes clogged with pieces of food, in order to relieve the pressure inside the cooker (C). The silicon ring which in case of failure of the other safety valves opens, allowing the steam to expand around the perimeter of the cooker (D).
  • Lid

    The lid has an innovative locking mechanism that allows it to be placed and secured to the kettle in any position.

  • Pressure

    The pressure adjustment valve offers 3 cooking levels.

  • Hob types

    PYRAMIS Pressure Cookers are suitable for all types of hobs: electric, ceramic, gas and induction.