Stainless Steel Sinks

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Stainless steel finish

PYRAMIS uses traditionally the best quality performance Stainless Steel material AISI 304. This type of stainless steel contains a significant amount of chromium, and sufficient nickel to «stabilise» the microstructure, that gives to these steel goods formability and ductility. The typical composition is 18% chromium and 10% nickel and this makes PYRAMIS’ Stainless Steel Sinks extremely resistant to rust or corrosion in normal household conditions. Choose between 4 different stainless steel finishes: Polished, Satin, Brushed and Linen. With COLORA, PYRAMIS introduces a stainless steel material with a special PVD coating in 3 modern colors: Gun Metal, Copper και Gold.

  • Safety

    All PYRAMIS sinks have overflow to protect from water flooding. The overflow can be either in the bowl or on the drainer of the sink.

  • Waste valves

    The diameter of the outflow defines the type of waste valve. Sinks are available with 60mm, 92mm diameter or square outflow (depending on the model).

  • Factory fitted seal

    In order to achieve water sealing, a sealant must be placed between the sink and the counter. For easier installation, all PYRAMIS inset stainless steel sinks are provided with preinstalled sealant of polyurethane underneath the sink (EASY FIX).

  • Installation

    PYRAMIS Stainless Steel Sinks’ packaging contains all the necessary materials and instructions you need for the proper installation of your sink in your kitchen.

  • Placement flexibility

    Stainless Steel PYRAMIS Sinks with a drainer are reversible so you can choose its orientation, depending on the needs and design of your kitchen.

  • Accessories

    Steel colanders, wooden and glass chopping boards and soap dispensers will make your daily work in the kitchen easier.

Flexibility in design

PYRAMIS sinks are offered in a huge variety of designs, dimensions and types. Choose among large or small bowls, single or double bowls, with or without drainage space, with vertical lines or rounded design. Choose the sink that best meets your needs and fits harmoniously into your space.