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Sanitary Ware

Design an outcome of high aesthetics and affordable luxury through the wide variety of PYRAMIS sanitary ware, by choosing the one that suits you best. Elegant WCs of high quality and functionality with excellent design and aesthetics covering your every need. Discover the range of PYRAMIS washbasins of contemporary design with modern lines and space innovation, in a wide range of dimensions and designs, giving a high sense of elegance to your bathroom.

  • Universal

    PYRAMIS universal WC, with the possibility of S trap or P trap outlet installation, in a variety of designs for the most demanding areas.

  • Back to wall

    Highly aesthetic and state of the art back to wall WC, which adhere perfectly to the wall and provide complete coverage of all hydraulic parts.

  • Wall hung

    Ideal home and business solution with hidden mounting system for easy cleaning and space saving.

  • Cistern mechanism 3/6lt PSI

    Dual function flushing system 3 6 lt for water saving.

  • Soft close cover

    PYRAMIS WCs come with special mechanism and hinges for controlled lid closing.

  • Space outlet

    PYRAMIS WCs come with either horizontal (P-trap) or vertical (S-trap) drainage outlet.

Rimless technology

Innovative design by introducing Rimless Technology. Rimless Technology delivers maximum elimination of the WC areas that are the main outbreaks of bacteria and makes the cleaning process very easy. The strain that is created during the flushing ensures effective hygiene, minimizing water wastage, thus giving you a superior bathroom experience.
  • Countertop basins

    The most popular choice of washbasin as they can be installed on any surface. With elegant design and the possibility of placing a battery either on the sink or on the counter. A wide variety of highly aesthetic designs that will give a special tone to your bathroom.

  • Wall hung basins

    They are installed on the wall with fixing screws, occupying limited space in your bathroom thus being an ideal solution for a small area by giving more spaciousness.

  • Undercounter basins

    They are placed at the bottom of the counter, creating an interesting aesthetic in the space. Very easy to clean due to the absence of a perimeter rim, whilst giving a large useful space on the counter.

  • Pedestal basins

    Wall-hung pedestal wash basins, ideal to suit any bathroom. They create the feeling of a larger space, while taking advantage of the floor space for additional storage.

  • Inset basins

    They are installed inside the counter, protruding only the rim around the perimeter. Available with or without a tap hole and can be easily placed anywhere on the counter. They allow full usage of the surrounding spaces, enhancing their practicality and functionality.