Pyramis @ Big5 Dubai!

15/11/2023 - Pyramis is preparing its participation at Big5 Dubai, 4-7 December 2023.  Big 5 Global is the largest and most influential event for the construction industry with its global hub in Dubai acting as the gateway between East and West. It unites the global construction community and provide leading-edge innovation, knowledge, and business opportunities for industry stakeholders to connect, grow, and succeed.
Pyramis will showcase a range of stainless-steel sinks, granite sinks, kitchen taps and ceramic & induction hobs, especially designed for the needs of the GCC countries. Big bowls, contemporary design, high quality materials and advanced features are only some of the advantages of the pyramis products. They are they made in Greece, with the consistency of a European manufacturer it terms of supply, delivery and services, fulfilling the latest European standards, with upgraded features to fit in every contemporary kitchen. They are performing excellent quality and safety, while they are designed uniquely to offer maximum aesthetics and efficiency, in a variety of branded or tailor-made options.
Pyramis is among the leading producers of stainless-steel sinks, operating one of the largest production units globally with a production capacity of more than 1,500,000 sinks annually. In 2013, the new granite and synthetic sinks production facility also started its operations with an annual capacity of 170.000 composite sinks.
In addition to sinks, the company’ s product portfolio includes other product categories, such as electrical appliances, kitchen and bathroom mixers, cookware, project fittings, sanitary ware, water heaters & solar systems. In 2022, Pyramis established a new production facility at Oinofyta, which produces ceramic and inductions hobs, adding 'MDA manufacturing' to its business activities.
With more than 60 years of expertise, Pyramis fosters an outward looking culture of excellence, continuous development and innovation, while adding value to the lives of its customers with respect for society and the environment. Today, Pyramis is redefining “Made in Greece” quality, incorporating the highest design and functionality standards, in creating quality products which accomodate seamless smart home experiences.
Join us at BIG 5 Dubai!