A New Era for Pyramis

14/01/2022 - New Production Facility at Oinofyta, Greece
Production of “Made_in_Greece” Hobs in March
Wednesday, January 12, 2022 | PYRAMIS announces the finalization of the agreement for the new production facility at Oinofyta, while the reinstallation of the production equipment from the old “Pitsos” factory at Rentis, to the new production facility at Oinofyta, is in progress.
Nikolaos Bakatselos, the President and CEO of PYRAMIS, is moving forward, as planned, after the acquisition agreement with “BSH” of “Pitsos”  production equipment, after BSH decided to end production.     
PYRAMIS, takes over local production in Greece, with the valuable integration of the former “Pitsos” employees, and is set to redefine “Made_in_Greece” home appliances, for the Greek and the international markets.
With the design of new products complete, quality testing and production equipment installation is in progress. Test production of kitchen hobs, at the new production facility, is scheduled for the end of March.   
On this occasion, Nikolaos Bakatselos, President and CEO of PYRAMIS, stated: “The process of former “Pitsos” equipment reinstallation, from the factory at Rentis, to the new PYRAMIS facility at Oinofyta, is an important milestone leading to the operation of a new factory featuring the highest standards for quality production, ensuring the competitiveness and future of this new production facility locally, as well as internationally. Our commitment to redefining “Made_in_Greece” is our contribution in the efforts for the sustainable development of the Greek Economy”